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Looking for a chiropractor who can handle even the tiniest of spines? Look no further! Our team is skilled in Pediatric, Prenatal and Family Chiropractic. We’ve got you and your family covered. 

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What Our Patients Say

Dr. Rob is a true genius at his craft of chiropractic care! He not only gives great adjustments, but also helps with overall wellness showing his passion for what he loves. We bring our 6 children weekly to see Dr. Rob. It’s a great feeling knowing as our children grow, they are lined up accordingly. Being a midwife myself, I’m also happy to refer my clients to someone so knowledgeable and kind. Lining up these beautiful mommas in preparation for birth as well as being able to adjust those newborns is the best gift a pregnant mom can give herself and her baby! Dr. Rob makes friends with everyone he meets. Highly recommend!!
Janna D.
Dr. Rob is simply amazing. He responded to not only the pain I had, but my whole body. As a veteran himself, he looked at my needs and understood. His strength and ability to manipulate my body, made it so that I could start to feel my legs for the first time in nearly ten years. In the short time we worked together, he accomplished more than any other chiropractor I have ever worked with... He was able to adjust things that I didn't even realize were locked up. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.
Medically Retired SGT Montelo, Cody
While the Kasperskis have taken care of my personal chiropractic care, Kassidy cared for my daughter during her pregnancy and continues to adjust my grand daughter. Lainee had issues with “going” and after the first couple weeks of her care with them she “went” FOUR TIMES! Lainee is 4 months old and loves her adjustments and Dr Kass 🥰
Nicole C.
Dr. Kassidy is the best ever. She is honest, caring and professional. She continues to educate herself, and goes out of her way to be sure her patients are actually improving. Dr. Kassidy began adjusting me when I was 7 months pregnant. The very first night I was able to get down to play with my youngest, something I hadn’t been able to do in months. When our newborn would not nurse, we took him to Dr. Kassidy. After just 2 adjustments, he started nursing. When Dr. Kassidy addressed his constipation issue, he had 15 dirty diapers before his next appointment. Our 8 year old and our 10 year old were soaking their bedding every night. Now they are up to 2-3 night of dry bedding every week. When my 12 year old injured his collar bone and sprained his finger playing sports, Dr. Kassidy was able to lessen his pain and advise us how to help him recover. Dr. Kassidy is motherly and has a special way with infants and children. She is trained in adjusting pregnant women. If you will communicate with her, you will find a caring and professional doctor who goes out of her way to be sure you are healing. Our family loves Dr. Kassidy. We consider her the best ever!
Sarah S.
I started seeing Dr. Rob and Dr. Kassidy in 2020. They have both been so great since day one. I used to be terrified of chiropractic care but now I can't believe I was ever afraid! Dr. Rob and Dr. Kassidy always took the time make sure I was comfortable with ever my adjustment. Dr.Rob has been amazing with helping me over the last year. In 2022, I broke my orbital bone and the pain I had in my face was unbearable. He took the time to figure out a way to correct my pain. He explained everything to me before he began any adjustments which was very comforting, in my experience doctors make decisions and don't take the time to explain them so it was really nice to have a doctor who wanted his patient to know what his plan was and why. I will continue to go back to Dr. Rob and Dr. Kassidy, they truly care about you and your family.
Dam D.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help with any questions you may have about chiropractic care. Our goal is to create a personalized treatment plan that’s tailored just for you and your families needs. So don’t be shy, ask all the questions you have but here are answers to the ones we hear often.

At RFC, we focus on delivering world-class chiropractic adjustments. An adjustment is a specific, non-invasive “thrust” delivered by hand into the spine, which is a conduit to the nervous system. The purpose of the adjustment is to remove interference from the nervous system, so it can function optimally.

Chiropractic care is generally safe for individuals of all ages. At RFC, we tailor our adjustments to each individual and what their body needs at that specific time. This approach makes chiropractic care even more safe and effective.

There are many stressors in the world (physical, chemical, emotional) that can lead to dysfunction and dysregulation in a child’s nervous system. Even the most natural of births can lead to trauma that goes undetected. Getting your child checked early in life can help prevent health struggles and keep them functioning at a high level.

At RFC, we aren’t treating any conditions specifically. Chiropractic adjustments help the nervous system to function without interference. When there is no interference in the system, we commonly see improvements in digestion, focus, sleep, pain, mobility, mood, and ease sensory issues.

At RFC, we don’t guess- we test! We truly do not know how many visits you will need until we run a series of non-invasive neurological scans, called an INSIGHT scan, to determine where the problem is and how many visits it will take to fix it.

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